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We understand the stress caused by dismantling or assembling furniture. Some of us just do not know where to start. If you have been trying to put together a piece of furniture and spend a large amount of time stressing yourself, STOP! East London man and Van are now able to send out a team that can provide you with all dismantling and reassembling requirements.

Furniture dismantling and assembling include flat packs and much more.

–  All types of bedroom and living room furniture – sofas, wardrobes, draw packs, tables (dining, coffee), bedframes, units.

–    Large range of office furniture – desks, tables, shelves, book cases, storage units.

Easy Process

Man and van East London make sure to provide you with a prompt ant efficient service with a team of professionals. We are fully equipped with the tools that may be required for a variety of furniture assembly and disassembly. Our team is also fully insured for your safety and peace of mind. Man and van can support you with same day availability and flexible appointment services.

Stay in Touch

Are you uncertain whether our team candle the scale of your job requirements? If so, you can always send us an email to with images of your specific items and we will get back to you within the same day to confirm whether we can handle your requirement.

There is no reason for you to sit around and stress wasting your own special time. Just contact our professional and efficient team members to carry out all dismantling and assembling services. Call us on 02082265477 and we will schedule you in for a service today.

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